Life Insurance


Life Insurance

While the fear of dying too soon is a major reason to insure oneself, life insurance is much more than that. It covers other fears like suffering disability and contracting dread disease and in the case of retirement, living too long.

Life insurance has been described as a modern miracle which provides money when it is most needed. It is also described as a love letter since the primary motivation is love and concern for one’s family.

Life insurance is the only financial product which allows you to create an immediate estate. It is also an effective way of savings with a return which is attractive compared to other safe savings schemes like fixed deposits and bonds. While the products may be described as whole life, endowment and term life, there are differences in the terms and benefits and premiums.

It is extremely important to know what you need and what best meets your needs.

Please contact us if you need information on any of the following:

  • Appropriateness and adequacy of your present insurance portfolio.
  • Insurance risk audit.
  • Who will benefit from your policy proceeds?
  • Will your insurance provide sufficiently for your retirement?
  • Will your insurance provide sufficiently for your children’s education?
  • How investment-linked policies compare with unit trust?
  • Whether your insurance qualifies for tax deduction?
  • Whether you can take a loan on your policy or use it as collateral for bank loan?

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